My Journey - Jason McCullough


Being diagnosed with a major heart condition at the tender age of 3, I received Jesus at age 5. 

For a considerable amount of my childhood I spent more time in hospitals and on medication than at school. I was told by doctors and specialists that I would never lead a normal life.....unable to run, play sports, do anything strenuous for fear of my heart spinning out of control.

By age 11, I had an encounter with Holy Spirit which infused me with a supernatural knowing - I WAS GOING TO BE HEALED!.

Throughout the next few years, each time I returned to hospital, I found myself sharing with the specialist the truth of Jesus and my coming healing. Bemused as they were, they would nod & chuckle in attempt to not belittle my innocence & keep me in high spirits. By age 14 my apparent innocence, trust in God and praying parents defied medical history leaving doctors specialists baffled with a miracle of healing.


Finishing secondary school I went on to complete a Diploma of Studies at Faith Bible College, Tauranga.

In 1993, I received news that my 80 year old papa had been diagnosed with lung cancer. During a visit I had the honour of praying with him, seeing him receive Jesus Christ and be completely and miraculously healed - he lived on until the age of 96 years old.

I went on to work with OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners) on a volunteer basis being coached as a street evangelist.

In 1995, my step father was diagnosed with cancer, although I prayed with him he graduated and went to be with Jesus. The pain and heart ache of his loss caused me to go searching deeper into God.


Later I met my gorgeous wife and we married in 1997. During the first decade of our marriage we served in our local church and started a family.


Whilst continuing being developed, God set me on a journey of discovery. Having come from a split family, my identity had been tainted. God took me back to my childhood to start again, to learn who I am as His beloved son, to know His heart, what it looks like to live as a son in Christ to which I continue today.


In 2012, God called us to move to the Hibiscus Coast. Reluctant, wanting to remain in the North Shore of Auckland, we found ourselves of no choice due to being priced out of the property market.

The week we arrived on the Hibiscus Coast, God made it explicitly clear of a work He was wanting to do in the hearts of His people. Being oblivious to what God meant by this statement, we found God leading us to the Baptist church.

Within months of attending the Baptist church, I fell upon a book my wife had in her home study - 'The Essential Guide to Healing' by Bill Johnston & Randy Clark.  After a few weeks of reading, my spirit became quickened of prophetic words spoken over me as a child concerning the healing ministry. I made contact with a dear friend Andy Piggott, Senior Pastor of Bethel Church, Whangarei, asking for help to make sense of all this. 

Andy prophesied over me "that I had been called to the main line churches to release the supernatural and equip the saints". This lined up with all the prophetic words I received since childhood. I was trying to understand all that was going on and how this was going to unfold. Soon after, one Sunday night before the service, the drummer of our church fell extremely sick with high fever. Unable to continue in the service, he was being escorted from the building, when Holy Spirit suddenly says to me..... "pray for him". Feeling startled, perplexed and scared Holy Spirit reminded me of his promises.

Being new to the church I shared my conviction with the worship director whom knew of me. He immediately grabs the drummer and his parents saying "Jason will pray for him." The teens parents responded "thank you but he has already been prayed for by the elders". Our worship director replied firmly... "No! want Jason to pray for him again, believe me!",.... as though he knew something that I didn't?.

Once they agreed the parents brought him inside the church, sat him down with the elders and pastors gathered around. I approached the boy from behind, whispering under my breath...."Holy Spirit what now!!"? Holy Spirit says..."place your hands on his shoulders". As I did this, I said the only thing I knew.... "I command this sickness to leave now in Jesus name".

Suddenly everyone looking at the boy gasps with breath. Turns out as I spoke to the sickness, the boy changes colour, from deep red to normal as the fever leaves. The boy gets up and returns to the drums totally healed. For the rest of that evening I spent quietly reflecting on what God had just done.

The following two years would prove to be exciting, challenging, making lots of mistakes as God began developing me in the ministry of healing. I attended every training workshop, school, practical training I could get my hands on seeing healing miracles everywhere.

Our church leadership released me to travel on mission trips throughout Northland, NZ. Joining with teams from other churches, releasing God goodness on the streets and in churches seeing hundreds of people born again, set free and healed.



At the conclusion of our time with the Baptist church, God moved us on to Illuminate Church, Silverdale where we continue today to develop and grow together with our church family. It is here that I birthed Street Awakening, a ministry geared to seeing people being Christ on the streets and releasing the kingdom of God outside the confines of the Church and into every day society. 






In continuing my journey I have had the privilege witnessing people all over, have love encounters with God and demonstration of healing miracles. Last year I travelled to Indonesia with a team, seeing hundreds of Muslims loved on, set free, miraculously healed & born again.......backs, shoulders, arms healed, legs growing, deaf ears hearing, blind eyes opening, cancer/tumors dissolving, asthma and many more. 



Today I continue, seeing people of all cultures and languages experience love encounters with God, resulting in healing miracles, people being set free and salvation.

The key.....

time in God's presence
time in God's Word
time in prayer
time with family
time to love on the one