Cyndy Price

Joyful...I'm truly joyful.

Three years ago I was a cursing, tough (I thought), don't take nuthin from no one kinda gal. You dissed me I'd dis you back up one side and down the other. I had to be tough I thought. Everyone was against me. I let anger seethe inside of me. Resentments and rage, feeling down and victimized because I really was!

My life sucked!

Change is tough yeah? Feels so uncomfortable. We get comfy with our crud life. It's all we know. We're afraid of changing after all, everything we do fails, right? We don't want to give up out comforts - drugs - booze - smokes. We have friends who can relate. We're all in this muck together, we make fun of others. thoughts changed...I felt compelled to go and find God. Oh man, what's up with that???

Surely my mind is playing thing I know, come Sunday I walk into a local church and the worship songs took me to raise my own voice in song. My arms go up to praise the Lord...wtheck?!? Fight it...don't commit to anything, this was OK for just today...the following Sunday I woke and thought nah...I'll just goof off today..but once more I find I'm showered, dressed and out the door heading to church.

A month later I'm baptized...reborn and man oh man...nothing is like receiving Jesus as your Savior and receiving the Holy Spirit...nothing can compare with the spiritual love showered over you inside and out.

I stopped cursing...just stopped. No sacrifice there...I went for a clean life, a better life and as I took a step towards Jesus, He took 5....truth....all truth.

He loves everyone...seriously loves you. But you have to give to get, and that is the easy part when it comes to our Lord and Savior. If you ever think you'd like to get to know Him, have any questions...maybe are thinking about changing church or starting back up will happen when you begin taking those first, small, steps...

Joy is a PROMISE.

Let me know if you want to chat. I love you. xx


(written by Cyndy, posted by Mark Stevenson)