Kawerau Revival

"In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people." - Acts 2:17

In June 2014 an amazing move of God that no one quite expected started in Kawerau, New Zealand. I personally heard about this in July 2014 during a prayer meeting at our own church. Just hearing the testimony of Gods power at work in Kawerau filled the prayer group's hearts with joy. We praised and worshiped our Lord as a result, and the Holy Spirit came upon us.

Listen to the amazing testimony of the local Kawerau Pastor about how it started.

How it started: Kawerau Revival Story

 "And our expectation of that was that 100 kids would turn up... And to my surprise 400 people came. And then 100 kids gave their hearts to the Lord... I was genuinely dumbfounded by it" - Ps Matai Bennett.

"...its just singing, praying, and preaching - but God is bringing them out in their droves" - Ps Matai Bennett

"... I don't know what you're doing, but its good and its changing my school. We've got 100 kids (out of population of 450 students) that are having prayer meetings standing in circles around my school." - Principal, Tarawera High School

What happened next?

Only 8 weeks after starting, more than half the local high school students (Tarawera High School) were saved, approximately 300 young people. The local police are saying the atmosphere of the local community has changed due to the meetings. Churches and Christians from all over the country have been supporting and visiting Kawerau. The church continues to have Holy Spirit filled meetings with over 100 youth attending 5 nights a week.

The Lord Jesus has transformed this small community through the faithfulness of the local church. Youth are praying and laying on hands for people in the street. Students are praying for their class and teachers every day at school. Crime is down, and the police have less to do. 


Prayer meeting at Tarawera High School


"Best night I had getting prayed cant wait for more next week JESUS"


Many baptisms


Sincere worship

What is happening now?

Whilst they took a break over the summer months from the weekday Holy Spirit meetings, they are back into it in 2015 sharing God's love with their community and beyond.

Find out more

There is a lot more to this story than what is shown here.

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