How The Third Temple Is Being Built Today

...the Third Temple will not simply descend from Heaven, begging the question ‘Why don’t Jews begin building today?’

200,000 Tibetans Including 62 Buddhist Monks Came To Jesus When Their Former Leader Followed Christ!

So why are people getting so upset about some ancient arch that may be connected to an ancient god nobody seems to worship anymore?

The Temple Institute has announced the opening of a school to train descendants of the Tribe of Levi for their eventual return to service in the Third Temple.

Since the month of July, 2016 began, Israel appears to be experiencing new energy around the Temple Mount.

The Key words most used in CERN are all demonic

Whilst top scientists like Stephen Hawking warn about the dangers of CERN LHC, what else is a concern from a perhaps non-scientific view point.

Cross in the Sky - New Mexico

Is God is sending signs in the sky of the soon return of Jesus Christ

Cross in the Sky - Hawaii

A series of spectacular images of the sun were caught on camera this week from New York to Hawaii, with some saying they see angels, doves and crosses.

Israel rejects UN resolution to resume negotiations

“The only way to achieve peace is through direct talks between the parties,” Damon added, and that “the best way to reduce tensions in the region is to urge President Abbas to accept Prime Minister Netanyahu's call to meet with him.”

Russia Warns ‘Holy War’ Will Accelerate, Issues Dire Warning To Australia

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that not only has the Federation refused to accede to NATOs demands to curb the furious airstrikes pummeling Islamic terror forces in Syria, it will 'soon' greatly increase them as this conflict is now being openly described in the Kremlin as a "Holy War" to protect the Christian peoples in this region from being exterminated.

Pope expected to eschew politics during US tour

An adviser to the Vatican calling the Pope a "prince of peace". He is not the prince of peace. This is a title reserved for Jesus (Isaiah 9:6), and should not be used for or by the Pope.

Islamic State battles Syrian rebel forces in Damascus

Is the prophecy in Isaiah 17:1-3 drawing close?

Proposed Nepal Constitution Worries Country’s Christian Minority

Its getting tough in places. How would we fare if this became law in New Zealand?

T.D. Jakes Comes Out for ‘Gay Marriage’ and ‘LGBT Churches,’ Says Position is ‘Evolving’

Evolving doctrine?
"Your word, Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens." ~ Psalms 119:89
"And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one tittle of the law to fail." ~ Luke 16:17

If Khamenei could, he would inflict great harm on Israel

“His ideology is steeped with anti-Semitism, and if he could, without catastrophic costs, inflict great harm on Israel, I’m confident that he would,” Obama told journalist Robin Wright

Iran Warns of ‘Third World War’

A senior Iranian official on Wednesday warned of an impending "third world war" that will be sparked by terrorists, according to regional reports. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of Iran

Are Planned Parenthood Abortionists Delivering Babies Alive Then Killing Them?

David Daleiden, head of the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress, alleges that StemExpress — a biotechnology company that sells aborted baby organs for tens of thousands of dollars each — is trying to use the courts to block the release of future undercover videos because they might reveal "evidence of born alive infants."

Architectural Plans for Third Temple Have Begun

The Temple Institute has released a modern three-dimensional architectural rendition of the future Third Holy Temple, utilizing the latest building material and techniques.

Christian Mother on Pakistan's Death Row Gets Last Chance to Escape Blasphemy Execution

Asia Bibi, the 'world's most emblematic defender of human rights,' goes before Islamabad's Supreme Court.

Salt Lake in Turkey Turns Red Because of Algae Bloom

A popular salt lake in Turkey has recently turned a deep red color, thanks to an enormous bloom of Dunaliella salinas algae.

Male, female and 'gender diverse' - Statistics NZ reveals new classification

"The new standard is the first in the world for gender identity information," Statistics NZ’s Jo-anne Allan says. "It expands gender identity categories beyond the current female/male boundaries.."

Cause of terrapin die-off unknown

All told, 89 turtles were found in bad shape or dead.

Don’t like the Bible and its TRUTH? Well, you could just create your own version. At least that’s what a homosexual group has done. The world’s first “gay friendly” Bible [book] has been published as the “Queen James Bible.” Multiple verses throughout the book have been rewritten to please the LGBTQ community and gay churches.

How the Dominoes Will Fall After ISIS Takes Damascus

Damascus is perhaps the oldest remaining city in the world. The prophecy against Damascus is yet to be fulfilled.
"See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins..." - Isaiah 17

Bird Flu: Nigeria destroys 1.4 million chickens

The official blamed cluster farms for the large number of birds that had to be destroyed.

Peru – Heaviest snowfall in years kills 171,850 alpacas

Puno, Peru emergency due to snow, ice and strong winds

...many Christians think there's nothing wrong with practicing YOGA:

China stocks: The financial crisis that has wiped $3 trillion off stock markets

Where is this financial unease heading? Do not put your trust in the things of this world. Matthew 6:19-21

Temple Mount Activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick Talks Peace in Turkey

Yahuda glick is leading the charge to rebuild the temple.

Proposal to temporarily sterilise all NZ teenage females should raise serious red flags

Be aware of what is being proposed for NZ. Depopulation?
Referenced NZ Herald article

Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of Palestine', Israel angered

A two state solution is not good in the eyes of the God. The Vatican and Pope are major players here.

U.S. Supreme Court Considering Appeal of Ruling That Might Close Most Texas Abortion Facilities

WASHINGTON -- While the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling any day regarding states' rights surrounding same-sex "marriage," its nine justices are ...

Texas Christian in Court After Being Served Up Fine for Feeding Homeless Out of Pickup Truck

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A Christian woman in Texas appeared in court today as she challenges a ticket that she received earlier this year for feeding the homeless ...

Mysterious mass shellfish death near Whangarei

A multi-agency investigation is under way into large-scale shellfish deaths at the coastal location of Ngunguru.

300 Tons of Tilapia Sudden Death in Inderalaya

At least 300 tonnes of ready to harvest tilapia died suddenly.

We Will Gather Together Kurds And Arabs, And All Of The Muslim World, And Invade Jerusalem, And Create A One World Islamic Empire

By Theodore Shoebat By Allah’s will, Jerusalem belongs to the Kurds, the Turks, the Arabs, and to all Muslims. And as our forefathers fought side by side at Gallipoli, and just as our forefathers went together to liberate Jerusalem with Saladin, we will march together on the same path [to liberate Jerusalem]. These are the …

Persecution at new high

Persecution in the past year has been described as reaching the worst level in modern times, largely because of attacks on Christians fueled by groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram.

UK, France call for Israeli-Palestinian UN deal, resolution being drafted

France and NZ designing the dividing of Israel. God says "do not divide the land of Israel", referring to end times. Joel 3:2

Everything you want to know about the Iranian nuclear deal

When and how did these talks begin?Talks that led to a breakthrough interim agreement agreed in November of 2013, known both as the Geneva Accord and the Joint Plan...

Altar of Jewish Holy Temple Rebuilt

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has announced that it has finished building an altar suitable for the Temple service.

Stranded Whales: 140 Die On New Zealand Beach

Rescuers have saved 60 whales at a remote New Zealand site, but many of the animals died after getting stranded.

Jellyfish wash up on Redcliffe Peninsula

Thousands of jellyfish create spectacular vision of Mother Nature in action.

The End Of Christianity In The Middle East?

For Christians in the Middle East, 2014 has been a catastrophe. The most wrenching stories have come from Iraq, where the nascent Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL in news reports) has savagely persecuted ancient Christian communities, including Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Syrian Orthodox. Iraqi Christians have declined rapidly in number since the first Gulf War in …

Want world peace? 'Build 3rd Temple'

Organization launches campaign to raise funds for draft plans of site, which, if built, it says, would ‘usher in universal harmony’

River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight

An inner city waterway in eastern China mysteriously turned blood-red overnight.

Bondi and Clovelly beaches close as red algae moves in

SEVERAL popular Sydney beaches, including the iconic Bondi, resembled scenes out of a apocalyptic film today after an algae bloom turned the water blood red.

Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery

For a river known as the “golden watercourse,” red is a strange color to see. Yet that’s the shade turning up in the Yangtze River and officials have no idea why. The red began appearing in the Yangtze, the longest and largest river in China...