Welcome to Watchmen NZ.

We are here to act as Christian Watchmen on the wall, to warn of existing and coming dangers in the world around us. We specifically see a number of events occurring or about to occur in our day that align with various last days prophecies and other potential dangers. We are here to keep you informed and blow the trumpet as a warning.

But why is it important for Christians and non-Christians to hear about these events?

  1. So Christians can ensure they are in step with God and their heart and soul are guarded, and so they aren't misled away from God.
  2. So that non-Christians will hear the truth about Jesus, to find salvation and have their names written in the Book of Life.

What is a Watchman?

What exactly is a Watchman? What is it like to be a Watchman. What are our prayer needs. Find out more here.

Who Are We?

We are a group of average everyday Kiwis that have been called to be Christian Watchmen. We go to work, we have families, we love being Kiwis and living in NZ. We love life, we have dreams and we look forward to spending time with friends and family. We all love God, and seek to do His will and serve Him. We stand watch.

You can find out more about us here.

Our Focus

We have 4 main focuses at Watchmen NZ as follows...

  End Times News   Information on what is happening around the world and how it relates to bible prophecy
  Encouraging Testimonies   Awesome testimonies on God's hand in peoples lives
  Equipping The Saints   Good practical advice for living for Christ particularly related to what is going on in the world today
  Sharing God's Love   Sharing God's love and what an amazing creator and heavenly Father he is


What Will We Talk About?

When it comes to End Times we will be talking about and sharing information on what becomes relevant as the Lord directs us.

This will include...

  • Deceptions - philosophical, political, spiritual and religious movements
  • Prophetic Events (past, present and future) - from the books of Daniel, Joel, Ezekiel, Revelations etc
  • Events and Signs - as mentioned in the books of Mark, Matthew, Thessalonians, Revelations etc
  • World News and Events - and how they fit into the puzzle
  • Prophecies, Dreams and Visions - God is pouring our His Spirit on people all over the world
  • Timelines and Status - what has already happened? where are we up to? what remains to still occur?
  • Who and What? - who and what are the various characters and systems from biblical prophecy in the world today?

How to Keep Informed

To keep informed you can either follow us on Facebook, or check back on this website periodically. We expect to have site updates multiple times a week.

NOTE: Shortly the website will allow you Sign Up and get email notifications among other things.

Reliability Rating

Watchmen see many things whilst standing on the wall, some things are obvious and known, other things are brewing and will possibly lead to something, sometimes red herrings appear as distractions. Not all the articles we publish are 100% known, so to help you establish how reliable we rate an article we use the following "reliability rating". Each article will be tagged with a reliability rating.

Conjecture, based on incomplete information.
Notion or belief. Keep in the back of your mind.
Likely; Feasible. Caution to be strongly aware. 60-90%
Either this has already happened or it will happen.
Very little room for error.
Message from God. The book of Daniel is an example of prophecy.
Prophecy can also from from Christians with the gift of prophecy.



It is very important that you read our disclaimer to help understand what we are and what we are not.