Vision: Campfires

Mid 2014 I met a couple who I had never met before. But I was told they were on fire for the Lord. On the evening I met them I was going to share with them how the Lord had woken me up several months earlier. As the evening progressed we shared with each other what had been going on with our walks with the Lord and how we had both had this experience of waking up. There was prayer and prophecy.

At one point in the evening, they asked me what I saw. Up until that point I had not really verbalised certain things or impressions I had in my mind. But as I was asked I thought for a second and recalled what I had seen (in my head). And it was a scene overlooking New Zealand at night and there were absolutely no lights on, it was dark. Except that I saw these campfires dotted across the dark landscape. I realised this was New Zealand and that the campfires that were here and there were in peoples houses. So I said...

"I see campfires in the darkness dotted across the New Zealand"

The couple who I was meeting, immediately felt an unction in the Spirit and confirmed this word. We all knew what it meant... gatherings of believers on fire with the Holy Spirit, meeting together in homes across our land. It was extremely exciting to realise, and I have kept this with me since sealed up in my heart. I now partake in one of these campfires and it is awesome.

One year later in mid 2015 I read an article online by an older NZ gentleman who mentioned small spiritual fires starting in New Zealand. I found his contact and noticed he lived near me. I contacted him and we met for the first time last week. We sat in McCafe sharing our stories.

The topic of campfires came up and he shed some more light on it. He mentioned that this very thing had been prophesied some 30 years ago over New Zealand. And that each campfire (or group) would be different, some new things may occur and seem a little different than what we are used to. The enemy will want to shut these groups down. But because each group is different he will always be steps behind trying stop it. No sooner will he shut one down and a new fire will start up. Glory to God.

"Do not call to mind former things, or ponder things of the past. I am doing a new thing. Now it spring forth." ~ Isaiah 43:18-19

Some call these campfires "Revival Fires". This has begun. It is an exciting time. Get involved. Start a fire.