Tread Lightly

A couple of weeks ago as the day began I was getting ready to do some work on this very website. But the Lord had other plans. He said "Lets go for a walk". So I went out of town a bit to a remote place on the coast. It was very quiet with no one around. I walked from one bay over the hill to the next bay chatting to the Lord and admiring the view as I went.

On the way back the Lord led me to walk back around the rocks (you can see the photo I took above). As I began to walk all I could hear was my shoes hitting against the rocks. As I pushed ahead around the cliff I really noticed how the noise of my walking was quite loud. Then the Lord said "Stop". So I stopped walking. I was unsure why, until the Lord said "Now listen". Then I heard the gentle sound of the water lapping on the rocks. The Lord said "This is my voice, gentle and still". But I had not heard it while I was walking. The walking in this world was drowning out his voice or me hearing it.

At this point I assumed the Lord was teaching me to stop now and then and listen to his still quiet voice. But then the Lord said "Learn to hear me whilst you are walking. And always take time to stop". I wondered how I could walk around the rocks and still hear him. At first I thought I needed to listen better, or try to listen harder and kind of filter out the sound of my walking. But as I walked I felt he led me to walk quietly and do not make the noise. As I tried this I found it was much easier than I had thought, I could continue walking around the rocks and still hear the water lapping against the shore.

The Lord's message was "Tread lightly in this world".


We all need to walk in this world, but when you are born again you are no longer of this world. The Lord wishes for us to tread lightly as we walk in this world, so that we may not be attached to it, but that we may hear his voice. The noise of this world is what prevents us hearing his voice as we go about our lives. This noise is due to treading heavily in this world. When your focus, your concerns, your desires and your heart are focused on the things of this world it creates noise.

In broad strokes... work, money, religion, friends, family, relationships, position, health, fitness, image and other things can all create noise within ourselves based on our heart. A close friend of mind said to me recently "When I am working I do not think about my family or God". I certainly could relate to this. The same can happen with anything in our lives, even including raising a family, working hard, paying off the mortgage, keeping fit. When our focus and treasure is in this world then the noise in our heads is all we hear. When we are focused on building a life in this world, building our own little kingdom then the Lord's voice is drained out, and we cannot hear him. The Lord does not call us to stop walking in this world, but rather to tread lightly, so that you may hear him.

The Lord says "Do not be driven by this world and the promises it makes. Walk with me".


1 Kings 19:11-13, Matthew 6:19-21, John 15:19

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