• My Journey - Jason McCullough

    My Journey - Jason McCullough

    Holy Spirit says "place your hands on his shoulders". As I did this I said the only thing I knew... "I command this sickness to leave now in Jesus name". Suddenly everyone looking at the boy gasps with breath.

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  • Adrian Pritchard

    Adrian Pritchard

    For a long while I had thought I had everything in life; all the drugs and money when I wanted it and all the pleasures a guy could think of. But all of this was just meaningless, hopeless and purposeless. I had a life of destruction; from major drug addiction to being stabbed and shot at and all the ups and downs in between.

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  • Mark Picard

    Mark Picard

    I felt broken and I was missing my kids dearly. I felt like Job (from the Bible), how he lost everything, I had nowhere to go, but I slowly pieced my life back together and I kept God in my heart.

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  • Mark Grace

    Mark Grace

    My earliest memories are of my parents fighting, constantly fighting, yelling... As kids we were totally out of control. Dad promised I’d be in prison by the time I was 19.

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  • God if you’re real Help me

    God if you’re real Help me

    Within a week I would find myself homeless living in a park with a cardboard box to around me to shield me from the shame, and pieces of newspaper, like a blanket, to keep me warm.

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  • Cyndy Price

    Cyndy Price

    Three years ago I was a cursing, tough (I thought), don't take nuthin from no one kinda gal. You dissed me I'd dis you back up one side and down the other.

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  • Kate Ng

    Kate Ng

    I spent three years working as a nurse and nanny and I travelled much of Europe, a little of Africa and central and South America. I could call those years my ‘wayward’ years.

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  • Kawerau Revival

    Kawerau Revival

    In June 2014 an amazing move of God that no one quite expected started in Kawerau, New Zealand. The Lord Jesus has transformed this small community through the faithfulness of the local church.

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  • Mark Stevenson

    Mark Stevenson

    My whole view of the world changed overnight. It was like the curtain was pulled back and I could see backstage. As if I had taken the red pill I felt I could see the world, the universe as it really was.

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  • Bob Hines

    Bob Hines

    What a journey the last 35 plus years have been with God. Sure we have had highs and lows but we have never lost the presence of God in our lives and what a time we had during those years...

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